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Missing planet

I'm new to the game, and thought I would try my luck at mining around some Anarchy Planets. The Library lists two: Onisou and Xeesenri, the problem is that Onisou isn't found on a Galaxy scan.

Is it a typo in the Library?

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Well observed....

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Well spotted, indeed... Technically, it's not a typo, as the original manual gives the same planet name (see here: http://www.elitehomepage.org/manual.htm#A44 -- but I have never tried to find the planet). So, I'd say, the planet was probably destroyed during the Thargoid wars in 3239 ;)

If you are looking for Anarchies, though, you might try some of these:

  • Cebetela
  • Retila
  • Sotiqu
  • Quator
  • Riedquat
  • Xeaqu
  • Raoror
  • Isveve
  • Soinuste
  • Bivea
  • Ermaso
  • Atarza
  • Erbiti
  • Qudira
  • Isdibi
  • ....

These are all in galaxy 1 -- but even there, you'll find more Anarchies... It's not exactly rare...