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Missing Help items

I may be wrong, but I didn't find the following 3 items in the library (the first two I eventually worked out myself, but the third one I still don't know). Can you add these to the library help system please?

  1. How to pause the game
  2. How to activate the side and rear views
  3. How to activate x2 and x4 when in flight, and what it does. (I pressed the screen once and got this to show up.)

(Also when adding help about the pause button, it would be worth saying "Please ensure your device is tilted ready for playing when you un-pause the game, as this calibrates the controls.")

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Good points! Thanks!


thanks for pointing that out; I'll add the missing items to the library (especially the "Pause/Unpause" thing is worth mentioning).

How the rear and side views are activated is discussed in the "Basic Flying" tutorial (zooming also) -- but yes: It's missing in the library.

Have you visited that tutorial yet? You can reach it via Academy/Basic Flying.

Oh: And about zooming: If you tap on the radar, in the same region that is currently active (so, in the front view for example, when you're looking forward), the zoom modes are toggled. Tap once for 2x, again for 4x, and yet again for 1x again.