Lost planet / navigation problem?

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Lost planet / navigation problem?

Yesterday while at Gexein on Galactic Chart 2 (top left), I got notification of my first mission. The message said I need to travel to Ramaan for further instructions, so i bought a galactic drive, found Ramaan (using the Find button on the galactic map - it was bottom right, still on Galactic Chart 2). But rather than travel there, as i didn't have much time I saved the game by overwriting an existing Commander Dread file, and quit.

Later that day I restarted Alite, undocked and used the galactic drive... but instead of reaching Ramaan on Galactic Chart 2, I ended up at Ceedleon on Galactic Chart 3.

I did another search on the galactic map for Ramaan but I couldn't find it (presumably because it is in another galaxy).

So I'm wondering how I ended up in another galaxy, and how do I find my way back to Ramaan?

I've tried reloading the Commander Dread file, retargeting Ramaan etc., but I always end up at Ceedleon in Galaxy 3, and then once I'm there I do a Find for Ramaan on the Galactic Chart, and it says Planet Ramaan not found in this galaxy.

I'm not sure why I end up in Galaxy 3, but I'm guessing to get back to Galaxy 2 (or any other galaxy) the Find button on the galaxy chart needs to find planets in all galaxies (it doesn't at the moment), while the find button on the Local chart should just find planets in the galaxy you are in.

Can you help with this please?

(By the way, I've tried <br>, <br />, <!--break--> and double spacing paragraphs in Filtered HTML mode, but cannot insert line breaks in this text).

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Galactic Drive


well, the "Galactic Drive" did what it was supposed to do -- it transported you from Galaxy 2 to Galaxy 3 and the "Find" button works as designed: It must only find planets in the current galaxy (that's part of the fun :)). -- But you can, of course, use the internet to find the other planets :) In order to reach the other end of the galaxy, though, you need to plot a course (of 7 ly jumps).

Note that if you target a planet (outside the 7 Ly radius) and use the galactic hyperdrive, it'll take you to "any" planet in the _next_ galaxy. So, to get back to galaxy 2, you need to use the galactic hyperdrive 7 more times (jumping to galaxies 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, and finally 2 again).

However, if you want to, I can restore your Commander to galaxy 2. If you send me the savegame, I'll set you back to Gexein.

I'm curious, though: How did you end up in Galaxy 2 in the first place? You must have used the galactic hyperdrive to get there, no?

As for the line-breaks: You have to use "full html" so that the line breaks are rendered.

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Galactic Drive

Oh I see - I completely forgot about how the galactic drive works (I suppose it was 32 years ago)!

Thanks very much for offering to restore my Commader. That's very kind of you seeing the game isn't broken! Fortunately though I still have a save at Gexein so I'll start with that :-)

In answer to your question, I just got bored at planets near Lave, so I bought a Galactic drive, retargetted to a far off area in Galaxy 1 and hit the button. I didn't notice I was then in Galaxy 2 until I came across the new mission scenario I mentioned and tried to get to Ramaan.

About using the internet to find planets outside the galaxy... that sounds more like something that was overlooked in Elite, necessitating searching outside of the game. I'm not suggesting being able to target planets in another galaxy (because now I understand that the gameplay is meant to involve navigation in 7ly jumps - thank you for explaining)... but it would be helpful to know which galaxy a planet is in when you search for it.

Here's a suggested enhancement:

Let's say I'm on Galactic Chart 1.

On the Chart, press Find and type "Lave". the chart targets Lave (existing behavior).

On the Chart, press Find and type "Gexein". A message pops up: "Gexein is in Galaxy 2. You are currently in Galaxy 1." (Currently it would say "Planet Gexein not found in this galaxy.")

On the Chart, press Find and type "Abc". A message pops up: "Planet Abc does not exist." (Currently it would say "Planet Abc not found in this galaxy.")

The Orbit Space Authority takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information registered here. If in doubt, please refer to your astrogation console.

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Not bad -- I like that

Not bad -- I like that suggestion a lot. I'll implement it asap :) Cheers!