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What a superb update of an old favourite from the C64 days in the mid 80's.
The 3D rendering is just how I imagined the wire frames would look!
One suggestion - The jump from docking is a bit abrupt - How about a short transition sequence from docking to status with sound.
Keep up the good work.
I'm off to spread the word!

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Hi Garry,

thanks for your kind review! Glad you like the game and I hope you have hours of fun from it :). Thanks also for spreading the word: The more the merrier...

As for your request: Automatic docking/launch sequences are already on my to-do list ( -- currently, I am researching AI, because I think Alite needs far less stupid NPCs,but the other topics on the list are not forgotten.

I tried to implement smooth transitions between in-flight and hyperspace (and vice versa) and also between docked and non-docked, but it's not quite so easy, so I decided that it was probably best to postpone the "soft-transitions" and release Alite first. After the AI and some bugfixing (along with some not-so-invasive additions, speaking of TimeWarp here), it's time to revisit smooth-transitionings...

I'll keep you posted!