Bug Report: Cannot use Hyperspace Jump when 'lost in hyperspace'

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Bug Report: Cannot use Hyperspace Jump when 'lost in hyperspace'

Hi,As you know , from time to time, the hyperspace jump fails and your spaceship appears in the middle of nowhere.Then Thargoids attack and you must defend and jump out to a nearby planet.But, even if you choose a planet to jump to, the Hyperspace Jump button doesn't appear, so you can't scape.Is this the expected behaviour?Should I fight those Thargoids until the end or the Hyperspace icon should appear when choosing a planet, as usual? Another issue, also in the same scenario, 'lost in hyperspace', is that if you click on planet details, there is an exception and Alite crashes.Please, can you revise these behaviours?Other than that, just keep on the good job there ;) 

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Hyperdrive Malfunction


to your first question: Yes, that is the expected behavior :). It takes some time for the hyperdrive to be repaired. (Actually, the way this works is that the game tracks the number of Thargoid kills; depending on your rating, you have to shoot more Thargoids before the drive works again...)

The exception, of course, is a bug. I'll look into that. Thanks!



Edit: Exception Fixed in Alite version 1.4.1.

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Keep killing Thargoids and in

Keep killing Thargoids and in time the Hyper drive will eventually get repaired and then you can get out of there.We'll that's what happened to me :)