Thank you Philipp!

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Thank you Philipp!

I left a review on Google play but I also wanted to thank you here. For quite some time I've been looking for an elite style game for Android and I finally found it! While there have been a few games similar, nothing has come as close as you have and I want to thank you for taking so much time and putting so much work into making this.

You have done a superb job on this game and I also appreciate how active you've been with the community here and over at Google play. I love everything you've done so far. The tutorial is very well done and the graphics are much more than I had expected from a game like this.

I've seen the plans you have for the future of alite and I am excited I will be able to evolve over time. I'm also a big retro fan. I have many emulators on my phone, like Amiga, c64, atari St, game boy, Gba, nes, snes, Sega, and not quite so retro, psx and psp. I personally can never love and stay interested in mobile games for more than a few hours to a couple of weeks, but I'm confident Alite will keep me around for quite some time.

Thank you again, keep up the great work, and I really look forward to the evolution of Alite. I'd really love to donate, but in my current situation it's a struggle just to buy oil and stay warm, so I'll just give my support and love for Alite.

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Hi Rawkn,

thank you for your encouraging words and your support. Don't worry about donations, please: If you love the game, that's the best motivation for me to continue working on Alite. It is a hobby project, so I don't know when any of the discussed features will make it into the game, but it will evolve eventually.

Thank you for playing -- and good hunting!


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I would also like to echo

I would also like to echo Rawkn's words.Excellent work and a truly superb conversion with the prospect of evolving and getting better.Just love it.. :) Thanks Philips. RT