Lost Commander

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Lost Commander

Hi, thanks for the game.  Great reminder of many hours in front of my Electron screen.I managed to reach deadly status, and completed the 1st mission, but now I have lost my commander and am back at Lave as a rookie.This seemed to coincide with the 1.4 update.  I had saved my commander to disc but on trying to reload I am told I will be reset to Lave, which happens!  The reloaded commander has no name and is identical to a rookie.  I am playing on a Hudl2 and have had no problems until now.Any ideas on how to find my commander would be greatly appreciated.  

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Restoring Commanders


ok, this is bad, but in the worst case, I can reconstruct a Commander for you and let you continue your play.

But maybe you still have them on your phone. Let's see:

Did you ever "manually" save your commander (via Disk/Save)?

If yes, did you save your Commander in the "Autosave" slots or in a different slot?

In any case: All saved commanders are stored at <Phone>/Android/data/de.phbouillon.android.games.alite/files/Commanders

could you please zip that directory and send it to me? (see imprint for contact details). I will then try to recreate any data from the stored commanders. If this fails:

Can you please provide as many details as you can remember about your Commander. Like:

1. What was your Commander's name?
2. How many points did you have (approximately) -- had you just been promoted to "Deadly" or have you been playing for a while in Deadly rank?
3. In which galaxy were you?
4. At which planet were you docked?
5. How much credits did you have?
6. What was your legal status?
7. What was the equipment of your Cobra?


Give me as many details as possible, and I will reconstruct a savegame for you if I can't recreate it from the savegames you send.

Note that the 1.4.0 update actually changed the semantics of the autosave; from 1.4.0 onwards, losing Commander data should not happen anymore :(. Before that version, a single crash in Alite would invariably delete all autosaved commanders (but not the manually saved ones, unless you saved them in an autosave slot). If the game crashed during the update, this would have caused a loss, too.

Anyway: Sorry about the data loss. I'll try my very best to help :).


Many thanks for the offer to

Many thanks for the offer to recreate my lost commander.  Support over and above the call I would say.However after a week of playing silly b's the game has decided to reload my commander from the disc.  I have no idea why, didn't do anything different as far as I can see.The reload took me to exactly where I left off.  Could any other apps running have caused the problem?Once again many thanks for the offer of support and for the game in the 1st place

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Just to be safe...

Hey, that's good news!!

I don't really know what could possibly cause such a behavior.
But just to be save, better save your commander under a new name ("save new commander") in disk/save and if you can, backup your commanders folder to your computer.

I always try to help, of course: It's my program and it's supposed to have you entertained -- not frustrated :)