An der schönen blauen Donau?

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An der schönen blauen Donau?

Hello all,After some trouble with my email address, I finally made it to the forums (fora)!First of all a great thank you for the game. I feel 14 years old again and behind my Amstrad Schneider 464 playing hours of Elite:-) I already played too much this weekend and am teaching my son now to fly his own Cobra now. Who would have thought:-)One thing I miss, and I'm not sure if it is a bug: I don't hear An der schönen blauen Donau. I read Chris Huelsbeck made an arrangement for this game and I can set the music volume in settings, so I assume it should play. Is this imlemented and am I missing something? Or am I chasing a ghost? In that case this is a feature request!:-)A small other questions. I couldn't find a search option for this forum, where is it?Kind regards,Bert

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Blue Danube

Hi, glad you made it :)

the blue danube _should_ play as soon as you activate the Docking Computer; as long as you don't own one, there is no music. Also: If you set the docking computer to "fast", it will dock immediately, and no danube will play. (At "medium" speed, you get to hear a little bit :) -- the full track can be heard from this web-site, click here, or if in "slow" mode).

As for the missing "Search" functionality: Ooups :). Missed that. I'll check it as soon as I have some time...



Thanks. Happy to join.And

Thanks. Happy to join.And thanks for the tip. I saved up for the Docking computerand the Danube is playing beautifully now.  In my mind the song was played all trip long in the version I played. But very possibly my memory is playing tricks on me.The fast docking is very tempting though, so I don't have much time to enjoy the music much anymore.Regards, Bert 

Docking Computer Mode


You wrote about different Docking Computer mode - fast and medium. Could you please tell how can I switch it.

It's very neccerary for me to know - I've spoiled my reputation using bomb against a group of targoids but there where some peacefull ships around. So I killed'em all - and became "Offender".

I've got DockingComputer, but when I'm closing to the station I've got no time to use it normally (with a beautiful Blue Danube). Many police ships destroy me in seconds. 

Thank you for your reply in advance.

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DC Speeds

Well, the good news is: You can change the speed of the Docking Computer in "Options/Gameplay Options", there's a button called "Docking Computer: Fast/Medium/Slow" -- if you push it, you can toggle the speed.

The bad news, however, is that the Docking Computer will only operate in medium or fast mode, _if your legal status is clean!_ -- so you cannot cheat your way around the Vipers. You'll have to fight them off...

Vipers are pretty easy to kill, though -- you don't have to hit them that often (and it won't affect your legal status). So, you can fight your way to the station :) Good luck!