The .apk weights way too mush. I think so

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The .apk weights way too mush. I think so

Hello. I appreciate your work on porting Elite to mobile phones, and I have one question about its... I wonder if it's 'size' in English. More than 400 mb. As I have unzipped the game I found that the most part of that ammount is taken by different versions of intro and by textures. So, the question itself. I have pretty powerful device but still it takes more than 10 seconds to load Elite after unlock. As I understand it's so due to its size. Could you make a 'lite' version of Alite that could be loading faster? I suppose that there is not that big need in, for instance, that detailed planet textures or plenty of intros. Thank you and forgive me my English)

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Texture details

You can reduce the texture level details in options/display options. That'll reduce loading times a lot.

Moreover: If I open Alite on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and I've left the game off at the Status Screen (for instance), it takes less than a second until the screen is visible again. It'll take up to 5 seconds if I quit the game "in-flight" (because of the textures, you're right there).

In general, though, setting the texture level to medium details (and maybe the color resolution to 16 bit), will greatly improve performance.