Locking and calibrating controls

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Locking and calibrating controls

HiI've noticed that Alite will read your current gyro settings at certain points (after launching, hyperdrive, etc) and use those settings as 'straight'. This means that, as happened to me, if you are moving/getting up or have your child pulling your arms at that specific point, you could find yourself having to hold your mobile device at rather awkward angles just to go straight!It would be very useful if there was a 'calibrate' button which you could tap to set the current gyro readings as straight. This would let me hold my device straight and tap that button and everything would be fixed again.I would also like to add the ability to 'lock' the direction. There have been times whilst waiting for my ship to reach the docking station in which I'd like to put down my mobile device to pick up a drink or whatever but I can't do so because putting down my mobile device will send my ship into a steep dive!The same button could do both things - tap once to lock in a 'straight ahead' position, and tap again to release whilst reading the gyro settings and setting them as straight.This would be extremely useful. :-)Thanks.

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Reset controls

You can tap the "Alite" logo below the radar. When you unpause Alite, the controls will be reset (which also helps in your "locking" scenario of course; at least somewhat: while the ship isn't moving anymore and the game is paused, you can still drink :)).

Btw: This is described in the FAQ: http://alite.mobi/node/21