Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish...


Alite has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I am really glad that so many of you liked the game, played it, reported bugs, helped improve it, and generally accompanied me on this journey.

Now, however, other areas of interest have taken up my time, and my motivation to expand Alite (or to fix the many remaining bugs) is gone. However, Alite is open source, and you are free to use the source code to improve the game or build your own games based off of it. Have fun, and enjoy.

Once again: Thank you all! It was a wonderful time.

As of now, I will close the forum and restrict rights of existing users to read-only.

Good Hunting, Commanders.


Website temporarily buggy -- Fixed again


I installed the latest 'marinelli' update and forgot that I had to fix one line in its coding. Thus, the website will print out error and warning messages frequently. Just reload the page and they're gone for a while, but it's annoying. Will fix as soon as I find some time (might be a couple of days though).

Edit: The bug has been fixed. Sorry for the slight problems!

Alite 1.5.8: Complete equipment item state saved


When you equipped fuel or missiles and exited Alite by pressing home or lock, the freshly bought items were lost (along with the money). This is now fixed and the game state should (finally) be pretty stable. 

Alite 1.5.7: No more endless spinning


For some reason it could happen that Alite ended up in a state where you'd just see your Cobra (or your Escape Pod) spinning endlessly in space. While I cannot reproduce the _cause_ of the issue on my phone, what I have done is to eliminate the endless cycle, so Alite 1.5.7. will take you back to the intro screen after a maximum of 10s...The version is currently only avaiable on the PlayStore. Have fun.

Alite 1.5.5: Missile behavior


Alite 1.5.5 comes with a couple of bugfixes. Missiles are now spawned from under the ship, so that they aren't destroyed by friendly fire anymore. Moreover, a flag in the android.manifest file allows Alite to work on multi-user devices.

Alite 1.5.4: Accelerometer Issues FINALLY fixed!


Alite 1.5.4 finally fixed the dreaded "no response" bug in the accelerometer controls: After resuming Alite, the accelerometer controls were frequently jammed and wouldn't react anymore. No more. Now the controls finally are reliable. The reason for the bug was that I did not unregister the sensor listener, so after resuming a game, Alite would actually have _two_ (or more) accelerometer listeners, but sensor data would only be sent to the old one... Phew... This one was really getting on my nerves :)

Moreover, some devices couldn't handle the music playback of Alite and simply crashed before the Ship Intro Screen could even be seen. This has also been fixed.

So, go download the latest version over at the PlayStore or download the All-In-One solution here.

For those of you wondering what happened to version 1.5.3: Alite 1.5.3 was a maintenance update, which allows you to enable or disable "immersion mode" in the options. For most devices, the setting will change nothing at all. For some tablets, though, immersion will hide the navigation buttons on the tablet. So, if you are annoyed by the light, try setting immersion to "full" and restart Alite.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Alite 1.5.2: Full immersion -- and correctly placed buttons


Ok, Alite 1.5.2 fixes the bug introduced in 1.5.1: Now, the navigation bar is really hidden _and_ the buttons are correctly placed again. Enjoy!

Alite 1.5.1: Full immersion


With Alite 1.5.1, the navigation buttons of your Android device are now hidden (if they weren't already before).

However: I messed up again; hiding the navigation buttons works, but the game is no longer centered on screen, which makes the Alite in-game buttons (like firing a laser) "a little tedious" (to say the least) to tap. I will investigate as soon as I have some time (possibly this week-end). Please stay tuned...

Alite 1.5.0: New legal system


Some players brought it to my attention that I misunderstood the legal system of the classic Elite version: Indeed, there are no Vipers in Anarchies... Or, more precisely, if you are an Offender or a Fugitive, Vipers in "not-so-safe" systems will not bother you... In Alite, whenever your legal status was not clean, Vipers would attack you, no matter what Government the current system had. In version 1.5.0 I made some changes to the legal system. So, first of all: If you are in an Anarchy (or a Feudal), they do not care about your legal status. You may enter as a Fugitive and they won't bother you. Furthermore, they won't necessarily report you to the authorities, if you commit a crime (there is a certain likelihood, however, that someone hears about your illegal actions and reports you...). Moreover: If you become very unfriendly and attack a space station in an Anarchy, they won't send Vipers after you, either --- they will do something else, though :). Are you brave enough to find out? :) -- I figured it only makes sense if Anarchies do not have any Vipers available, so why send them after you when you attack the station?!

I hope the new legal system plays out alright. There might be some "strange" results regarding illegal trading/pirating, but I feel that it's closer to the original now. So, thanks again to all players who mentioned this to me! Enjoy!

In other news: I am still getting reports about "lost commanders". Now, there's nothing more annoying than spending hours on a game just to realize upon starting it again, that all your progress is lost. I will reconstruct any commander you have lost, but in the new 1.5.0 version of Alite, whenever an autosave game is overwritten, it is checked if the new save has more gametime than the old one. If not, i.e. if you try to save _less_ gametime over an existing commander, a backup is automatically created. I hope this won't clutter your drive space too much -- if in doubt, you can always delete non-needed commanders in Disk/Catalog.

One more thing: The texture file for the "Yellowbelly" was corrupt! I fixed that one, too... So the game won't crash anymore if you encounter this "beast" :)

You can download version 1.5.0 here (as the all-in-one-solution) or in the PlayStore, which is preferable, unless your phone has problems with expansion files.

Alite 1.4.8: More Accelerometer issues, Difficulty level


Most devices work wonderfully with the new accelerometer controls introduced in 1.4.6. However, at least one device (namely the Nexus 10), does have problems with the new controls. So, I have now implemented the "Alternative accelerometer" control method, which is nothing but the _old_ accelerometer control (which works quite well on the Nexus 10). I'd like to sort out these control issues once and for all, but apparently, the topic is rather difficult. I hope that with the current work-around, all people are happy.

If you experience problems with the accelerometer control, please do drop me a line and I'll try my best to sort it out.

Version 1.4.8 also lets you control the difficulty of Alite; so if you are shot to pieces too often, you can now select an easier difficulty, or, if you are not challenged enough, you can try the hard or very hard settings...

You can download version 1.4.8. here (as the all-in-one-solution) or in the PlayStore, which is preferable, unless your phone has problems with expansion files.


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