Mission one Impossible?

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Mission one Impossible?

Hi,First up great work! I use to play this on  BBC 30+ years back off tape deck that wouldn't record my saves so just left the Beeb on for days...Struck a snag in galaxy 3 mission one. I need to getto Atlaar to carry on mission but it's impossible to jump to being beyond 7 light years fuel distance from any reachable planet.Any help\suggestions welcomeCheers

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Hmm... That's really tough luck you had there... So, the real solution is for _me_ to add a check if the planet the Constrictor fled to is "reachable". My bad.

A quick solution, however, is to cheat (in this instance, it's not cheating, it's working around a bug, so you may cheat :)). The easiest option to travel to your destination in this case is as follows:

Go to the Library Screen, and search for the term "Franz Josef" (mind the spelling; capital F and J), then you will have access to the "master control program". Under Options/Debug menu, you can then select "Infinite Fuel" and simply select "Atlaar" (it will still appear to be out of bounds, but you _can_ hyperspace to it).

There is also a non-cheating solution, but it would involve you to use the intergalactic hyperjump 7 times (to go to galaxy 2) and then travel to Edtixeen and use the intergal hyperjump again from there (which would also take you to Atlaar).

Finally, a third option: You could mail your savegame to me and I could change the position of the Constrictor for you.

I will fix this bug in an update to come, but that won't help you :(.

Sorry about this, and thanks for telling me!


Indeed, tough luck is right.

Indeed, tough luck is right. Still I built up credits and kills in the meantime. Thanks for the quick reply/fix jumped thanks to Mr Franz. Can now continue the chase! on a random note...When I played this as a kid always thought it would be cool if "deep space" travel far away from the planets might contain rare off the chart sci fi madness like the generation ships mentioned in the novel or nests of pirates on asteroid bases almost like an illegal space stations...Tortuga in space? Lots of stuff to fuel imagination.Again, very cool work Cheers.  

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I absolutely share that

I absolutely share that "imagination part"... Had that as a kid, too... And if you look at the planned enhancements, you'll notice that I really dream of developing Alite in that direction. It's a long way, though....

(As for generation ships: They already exist in the code ;))

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Can't reach destination -

I too have came across the above problem, good to see there is an easy fix,

Planet: Larianra. Galaxy: 5