Ship Naming Competition

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Ship Naming Competition


for the next Alite update, we have a special treat for you... First, please take a look at this ship (click on the images for a larger view):


This is one of the ships that have been designed specifically for Alite by Rolf Schuetteler.

Now: What we need is a name for this ship. In the current version of Alite, this ship is called "Boomslang", but we're not too happy with that name. So here's the challenge:

Please submit your idea of a name for this ship by adding a comment to this post until Saturday, August, 22nd, 22:00 CEST.

A jury of Alite project members will then select between three and five name proposals and we will start a final poll in which you can pick the winner of the contest.

The winner will have this ship named after his (or her) proposal and will also be included in the Library as the creator of the ship (you can choose to either be named under your real name or a fantasy name).

So, what are you waiting for?! :) Send us your proposals....

Cmdr. Stardust

Justin Darkness
Ship Naming Competition entry from Justin Darkness :- Harken

Ship Naming Competition entry from Justin Darkness :- Harken I suggest naming the ship the "Harken" Harken is a derivative spelling of hearken which has the meaning to listen/hear it is also a way of saying  "hark back" as in mention or remember... which in a way Alite is to Elite wishing you all the best and much success 

Snakes in space

Following the original elite naming theam of snakes. What about habu, Lancehead, wutu, yarara. My personal favourite is Lancehead.

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Ok, the deadline passed.... Since we only have two entries -- due to the fact that we couldn't start a big marketing campaign for Alite (hey, no budget :)), we will announce the winner shortly... "We" being Cmdr. Quelo and myself... So stay tuned :)

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And the winner is...


Congratulations to Justin Darkness :). We will rename the Boomslang to "Harken" in the next Alite release. Along with it, we will give the name of the architect of the ship in the Library, so: Which name would you like to give to the ship's creator? Justin Darkness? Or some other name?


Since we had only two entries for the naming competition, we decided that we are going to change the Lora's name to "Lancehead" and, Skunkworx, you may also select a name for the creator of the ship.

Thank you, the both of you, for participating in this little contest. Hopefully, we'll get more traffic to this site soon...

If you want to, you may also write a short story about "your" ship, following the style of the library. For example, here's what the Library has to say about the Bushmaster:

The Bushmaster is the only known ship built by Lizards.
Originally intended to rid its home planet of the Lethaloids, the
ship grew fast in popularity due to its powerful shielding. Not
operable by human pilots, the Bushmaster is not widely spread and
a lack of a galactic hyperdrive adds to that.

Cheers -- and congratulations again!

Cmdr. Stardust

P.s.: Here are some pictures of the Lora --- errr, I mean Lancehead:


I am very happy to hear that

I am very happy to hear that I got to name a craft. I would like to use the name skunkworx as the creator. I have also had a go at writing background story. If you dont like it then please feel free to edit I won't take it personally.

The Lancehead was originally designed as the ultimate royal escort craft. It can be outfitted with some serious firepower and has great manuverability. However it has very little cargo space. Due to it's wing shaped hull it can transition from space to atmospheric flight with ease and is at home in either environment. This ability has made the craft the first choice for rich kids that want to have fun buzzing planets that have not yet developed enough to become space faring.

To be honest the ship

To be honest the ship reminded me of the cylon ship from battlestar galactic. So I had to restrain myself from using that as a back story. So instead I used hitchhikers guide as inspiration I.e. the rich kids that buzz undeveloped planets.

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Great write-up. I will include this in the update.

Cylon ship?! :) He-he... Wait till you see the "Mussurana" ;)

Too bad I missed the

Too bad I missed the competition.Would you be able to add a Falcon 9 in one of the next releases?Just to honor the great pioneering work of these people? Regards, Bert