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Game saves...

First off, I'm new here so hello. I have a question about how I can move my commander from one device to another.  What files etc. can I copy over from my 'phone to my tablet so I can continue my quest to Elite?Fantastic work - I had Elite on a beeb' years back.  Loving this. 

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For now, copying commanders is a bit tedious -- they can't be uploaded, yet.

So, you have to copy the contents of the folder


to your backup device.


Excellent and thank you - I

Excellent and thank you - I'll give that a go.  I tend to play on the train to work but sometimes would like to continue on my Nexus 7 at home so this could be my solution.Also - nice to be able to backup my status off-phone in case it got lost or broken etc..Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.C