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Translations? Other languages

Hello - i have spent - as all of you - many hours in my youth on Elite, and sometimes my son, now 10 years old, asks me what i have played for games in his age, and i say Elite, and of course he wants to play elite - / Alite :-) but its too early for him to play in english (or he will experience a steep lerning curve :-)So on this context - how crazy would it be to translate Alite to - for starters - french?  I am not a developer, being in tech support for many years - i am not  a stranger to translation - maybe i can do the heavy lifting, if someone opens the door :-)Thomas

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Well... :)

In general, it is relatively easy to translate the main UI screens into French (or German, or Spanish for that matter).
Alite currently cannot handle all special characters (é, ü, or the like), because it is just not in the bitmap font. That can be changed with a little effort, though.

Translating the planet description strings is hard: the algorithm for the generation of the words must be changed. Oolite has already done that, so I suppose it's possible, but I think the "easy way out" would be to simply translate the 2048 official descriptions (and leave the other galaxies English).

Considering all the in-game videos and voice-overs: Subtitles could be added, I suppose, but I've never tried. Might be easy, might be hard.

The most challenging task is certainly the library: It's just a massive text...

I am preparing an i18n framework for Alite, but my time is very limited right now, so I suppose it will take some time...

But I'll come back to you for French translation (despite my name, I don't speak French :)).