A system for Landing on worlds

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A system for Landing on worlds

Just found this game a few days ago...wow. What fun! Your game is actually the first time I have played any elite game. I understand they are generally easy to mod, and this variant is as well. I have been looking for a game to mod for a while...I am a (very) amateur designer and this is how I learn.

Will post a general idea here to solicit feedback and then set to work. Excuse typos as all this is from a phone.

My modification would add a bit more depth and character to each world without changing the game overmuch...or making them duplicate space stations. I believe these changes would be balanced and within my capabilites to implement.

Landing on worlds is profitable but extremely dangerous
Every world is either an "exploration" world or a "hostile/trading" world. You don't know which until you land. They occur with equal frequency.

Trading worlds exchange one commodity for another on a 1 for 1 basis...but every time you land they have a chance of turning hostile, returning you to space after damaging your ship... or killing you

What good is traded is strictly a function of the world's species
Human colonial wolds trade textiles for minerals and never become hostile
Humanoid worlds trade furs for platinum and have a 10% chance of becoming hostile
Rodent worlds trade food for textiles and have a 15%.chance of becoming hostile
Amphibian worlds trade meds for narcotics and have a 25% chance of becoming hostile
Reptile worlds trade machines for narcotics on a 2:1 basis and have a 33% chance of becoming hostile
Feline worlds trade weapons for luxuries and have a 50% chance of becoming hostile
Insect worlds trade slaves for computers, an incredible deal, but have a 75% chance of becoming hostile
Aven worlds trade gold for alien objects and never become hostile

"Exploration" worlds are a bit more complicated
Upon Landing you receive a text string "Hint" about what is out there ("WOLRD is dotted with ancient ruins") and you are given the option to explore the world or leave.

Selecting explore gives you an 80% chance of simply receiving another text string ("you walk among the ruins") And sending you on your way...you can try again later. 20% of the time, you find something or something finds you...you recieve a small positive outcome like money or cargo...or a negative outcome like losing money or equipment.

I figure I make 20 strings, each hinting at 3 positive or 2 negative outcomes.
Strings I have in mind

Dotted with ruins
A smuggler base
Covered with strange towering forests
Run through with caves
Home to a mysterious order of monks
Controlled by the order of Nix
A veritable paradise

Infested with tourists
In the midst of a civil war
Home to a lavish mega casino
Dotted with wrecked spaceships
Hostile to human life
The site of a hyperadvanced research facility
Controlled by the guild of navigators
An industrial wasteland

Pretty boring
Apparently uninteresting

The first eight are more likely to appear on agricultural worlds, the next eight are more likely to appear on industrial world's.

Once you have received an outcome, you can no longer explore that world.

There, a mod with mostly text work. Might be fun.

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Sounds cool :)

That would be nice to have... Enjoy... Are you aware that the source code is available on github?


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I have been checking it out.

I have been checking it out. In doing so I am reminded I did not come up with rules for the lobster aliens...so I'll have to come up with something ultra special for them.