Mission 4 completed but no cloak?

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Commander superBean
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Mission 4 completed but no cloak?

Hi Philipp, 

I've  completed both mission 4 and mission 5, but I've noticed that I never recieved the cloaking device as a reward. I assume this is the reward for mission 4, as the Cougar enemy vessel is equipped with a cloak. 

I can recall that when the mission 4 triggered I got the briefing message, but there was no option to accept the mission (I seem to remember earlier missions had a button......... Even if it was just "OK") . When I switched to map and then back to the status screen the mission objective was shown in the status screen (top right). I then warped to encounter the Cougar, defeated it and docked. Upon docking I am pretty sure (although can not be certain) that there was some sort of mission complete screen, but no mention of the cloak.

As I said I have also completed mission 5 which also triggered in the same way as 4 above (ie no "OK" button to accept mission), I can't recall what the reward is for mission 5, so can not confirm whether I have/have not recieved the reward. If you can confirm the reward for mission 5 I can check to see if I have it.  I definitely don't have the cloak though. 



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Hi Alex,

actually, Mission 4 is a bit different than the other missions. First, as you stated, you cannot choose to not take the mission (after all: There is a dangerous ship in the vicinity, attacking everybody... So, it'll attack you, too). Second, you won't get a reward by killing it -- or more precisely: you won't get the Cloaking Device alone from destroying the ship. In order to get the Cloaking Device, you have to scoop up the cargo canister(s) that is(are) dropped by the Cougar when it was killed...

Does that solve your mistery? :)


P.s.: Now, if you already have completed Mission 4 and don't want to do it again, there is a way to cheat yourself to a cloaking device... -- You'll need the equivalent of the "Sara" cheat and the correct hex offset... *hint hint nudge nudge* -- Need more input? Use the forum search function and look for the cheats... (or ask me ;))