Using the fuel scoop

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Using the fuel scoop

Not been playing the game long and tried to get to a further planet by collecting fuel from the sun of one in between. I flew towards the sun and aimed my reticule at the curve of the sun but no fuel was collected, the cabin temp went through the roof and still no fuel collected.
If I remember correctly the was the was to do it in BBC micro version, Amiga version and others so what am I doing wrong here?

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Ok, so what's strange about this report is that I have just recently received the same report stating that the fuel scooping at the star would not work.

I tried it on my phone and it worked: You have to fly _very_ close to the start, so that the cabin temperature is about 2-3 pixels from the right border, the alarm sound blaring much earlier than that. (Like in the Amiga version).

I must confess that, yes, the alarm is very unnerving; maybe I can change the distance so that the actual scooping is happening a bit earlier...

But in general: It should work...