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This is my 1st post so hi. Here are some things I need help with.

Mission 1 tells me to chase the constrictor. However I never get to the end. Is this normal?
Is there a cheat code for infinite retro thrusters?
What is the cheat code for cloak?

Hope you can help.

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Mission 1

Hi and welcome! :)

"I never get to the end" -- what exactly do you mean?
 You need to follow the Constrictor "a couple of times" (6? 7? I forgot), before you actually encounter it. You'll be told to do an intergalactic jump somewhere along the road...

There is no cheat code for infinite retro rockets.

As for the remaining cheat codes, look here: -- there's the "Debug" cheat, which allows you to add pretty much everything in the options panel. You'll have to actually pick up the cloaking device, though (you _can_ "cheat start" mission 4, kill the Cougar, and pick up the cloaking device, though).





Thanks for the help. Would be nice if a code for retro rockets was added but I don't know how hard that is. Thank you for the help