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Welcome to the Alite forums.

Here you can post any question you may have regarding the game.

Please post problems or bugs you encounter in the bugs forum.

I hope you enjoy your stay.

Cmdr Stardust

I am really looking forward

I am really looking forward to the alite release. 

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Just a quick helloI am commander Barney, so far I'm loving Alite, it brings back great memories.So far in the game I have reached the rank of dangerous and have kept my rating clean, no drugs, gun running or slave trading.I love the idea of being able to land on the planets and exploring.I will look forward to more updates.  

Please keep doing this great

Please keep doing this great game !! Thank you very much!!

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To Phil and anyone else involved,

Thank you so much for the wonderful nostalgia of a great 80s game brought back to life. Elite was way ahead of its time in 1984, with its huge galaxy to explore in glorious 3D, trading system and player missions. Surprisingly enough, playing Alite on my Android phone still seems up to date today! Improved graphics, great control system and smooth gameplay on a mobile device - you've adapted it brilliantly.

The Orbit Space Authority takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information registered here. If in doubt, please refer to your astrogation console.

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Alite Manual

Hi,I can find various manuals online for BBC version of the Elite, but is there one specifically for Alite?  Its mentioned in some posts but I can't find it on this site.Many, many thanksP

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The manual...

...for Alite is in-game only. Just go to "Library" on your command console. (And/or play through the "Academy" -- also on the command console on the right hand side; just drag it up).