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Frequently Asked Questions

Some recurring questions and their answers (I'll add to the list, if new questions arise):

1. How can I recalibrate the Accelerometer while in flight?

Alite can be paused by tapping the "Alite" text below the main radar. Once Alite is unpaused, the Accelerometer will be recalibrated.

2. How can I unarm a missile?

Tap and hold the armed missile button until the icon color turns back to normal.

3. Accelerometer controls are inverted (sometimes). What can I do about it?

The short answer is: Under Options/Display Options, set Lock Screen to either right or left.
Explanation: I have no means to know whether you would like to play Alite in "Landscape" or in "Reverse Landscape" mode. This mainly depends on where your headphone jack is, but also on the design of your device. So, as a default, Alite tries to figure out the current orientation. That works in all cases where the device is not flat on a table. If I cannot get the right orientation, the accelerometer controls are inverted. So I'd advise anyone to set the options/display options/lock screen to his (or her) preferred orientation; otherwise you'll probably run into accelerometer control glitches now and then. (The drawback is of course, that you cannot switch orientation by simply rotating the phone afterwards...)

4. The game crashes right after the intro. What's going on?

The problem with some devices (especially older ones) is that they cannot (correctly) access "expansion files". This leads to a crash of Alite if you used the version from the PlayStore. In order to fix this crash, you might try downloading the "All-In-One" solution from the download-site (

5. The game crashes -- sometimes -- when I select the "Planet" screen. Why?

This seems to be a memory leak (my fault entirely -- a certain former colleague would probably quip: "Well, you always knew how to write these...") occurring on devices running either an older Android version (< 4.0) _or_ having little memory available for the JVM. I'm working to resolve the issue. For now, the best you can do is to save before you select "Planet" and select it scarcely -- if at all -- while in flight.