SPOILERS...mission review

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SPOILERS...mission review

Mission 1 - very like how I remember it from Elite. Good fun, gets you to traverse the galaxys a little.

Mission 2 - again just how I remembered from Elite, including the escape pod trick (would the thargoids really let the escape pod go if ots loaded with the documents?)

Mission 3 - this one was too easy, was 0.0 light years away from the next planet, so could just jump straight out with no fuel (shouldn't jumps have a minimum fuel cost e.g. 0.1, or maybe you shouldn't be allowed to jump with empty tanks)

Mission 4 - similar in play to mission 1, with the added fun of escorts and cloaking, would have preferred the tracking between planets element of mission 1 rather than it just showing up wherever you hyperspace to.

Mission 5 - is this even possible, I can't get anywhere near the planet right now (even after burning through retro rockets). End up with 8+ thargoids around me, heavy use of cloaking device whenever shields are taking a pounding, but eventually energy is so low the cloak has to come off while shields are still low and Boom!!!
As above I think this mission would be better if attributed to a specific system, at least that would give me an option to do someting else for a while, rather the it looking like thargoids have taken over every system, including the one I have just left.

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Missions -- more spoilers :)

Wow, you're burning through Alite really fast, Commander :)... Well done...

Let's start with Mission 5: Yes. Mission 5 is possible to complete. But even I can't always do it on my first attempt, and I assume that I am still the one with most practice, though you're really catching up fast... I admit that I deviated here from the Amiga version and maybe this mission is too complicated... The idea is to reach "target distance" of the space station, cloak, and fire until the station explodes and then HS out of the system immediately. Note: You have to open fire on the station _before_ reaching the safe zone. Also: If you're attacked on your way to the station, let the shields regenerate completely, until you continue your journey...
I don't think Mission 5 is possible without the cloaking device, though...

Mission 4: This is directly as it was on the Amiga. I.e. the first system you jump to, will have the Cougar... I could easily change that, of course; might be fun, you're right...

Mission 3: Lucky you :). Picked a good planet for this mission... The feedback I usually receive for this mission is that it is too unfair, as you're doomed if you do not refuel at the sun, before docking... Regarding the statement of the "minimal 0.1 LY distant": I read that, too, and maybe it is true for some versions of Elite, but the Amiga version certainly has planets that are 0.0LY apart and you don't need any fuel to travel between them... Making a jump impossible is a good option though! I am so going to implement this (and players will hate me even more :))

Mission 2: Seems strange, right? When I first completed that mission (years back), I used retro rockets to get to the safe zone quickly and then used the DC with its setting to "fast". Worked, too, but was way more expensive than the Escape Capsule solution... I only read about those later, so I decided to implement it, too...

Mission 1: Yep. Nothing to add :)

Glad you liked it... My hat is off to your progress!! :) [You will enjoy the upcoming update -- this weekend -- It will include Chris' rendition of the Blue Danube... Played it on the train today: Sounds awesome!!]

What's your current rank and score by the way? (The necessary scores to achieve for rank advancements will be updated, too).

I'm only Competent 72463,

I'm only Competent 72463, with 17 and half hours game time. Once I had enough money in the bank (to abuse the escape pod technique for mission 2) I just did multiple jumps to trigger the missions (saved every 4-6 jumps in case of drive malfunction), made sure to dock at Corporate states to reduce pirate contact. Still took about 30-40 min of game time between missions.
I might take advantage of my current situation and just kill thargoids away from the planet for a while to boost my score. Just checked escaping still works even though the station has been "taken over", if the mission was location specific you could disable escaping at that location, forcing people to jump out.

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Good point...

That's a nice cheat you found :)... Firing at Thargoids happily sure is a way to increase one's rating... Hmm... I might even be tempted to leave the bug in... Hmmm... Naaah...