Alite Update 1.1: Chris Huelsbeck's 'Blue Danube' is here

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Chris has completed his arrangement of the Blue Danube and I have integrated it into Alite 1.1! You can now download Alite 1.1 from the PlayStore (if you don't get an automatic update that is). Please visit

I have also made some minor bugfixes in this version, but not as many as I would have liked: In the middle of the update process, my hard drive crashed -- badly! Out went the fuse and a strong scent of burning electronics is still hanging in the air (I am completing these lines on my wife's computer). Fortunately, no Alite-data has been lost: I had everything in my SVN, but now I really need to look for a new computer *sigh*...

As for Nexus 9 users: Well, the good news is, that you can now download a version of Alite, which includes the "ShipIntroScreen" -- but is missing the Alite logo, which for some unknown reasons still causes the Nexus 9 (and the Nexus 10) to crash. I'm investigating... Moreover, objects in Alite will occasionally become invisible on the Nexus 9. No clue, why that happens... Sorry... Anyway: If you want a glimpse, the new Nexus 9 (or 10) version is here.

In lieu of these events, I am going to release Alite's source code much earlier. I'm thinking about next week-end or so. Then you guys can have fun with it and improve Alite to your liking :).