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Version 1.5.8 Now persists all equipment items, even if the game is left (by clicking home or lock) directly after buying them: This did not work with fuel or missiles before. [09/25/2016]

Version 1.5.7 Fixes a bug (re-)introduced with 1.5.6: The game state was lost when the "lock" button was pressed. Only available on the PlayStore. [09/17/2016]

Version 1.5.6 Fixes a bug that caused the screen to remain endlessly in one scene (for example, after the Cobra had been destroyed). Also, you can now search for planets in all (official) galaxies. Only available on the PlayStore.  [09/17/2016]

Version 1.5.5 Fixes a couple of minor bugs. Missiles are spawned a little more outside the laser cross, so that they are not destroyed by friendly fire, also Alite should now work on multi-user devices as well. [08/26/2016]

Version 1.5.4 FINALLY fixes the accelerometer controls. More often than not, they were broken after Alite was resumed, or when you play the tutorial. No more. Also, some devices crashed when playing back music. This has also been fixed. [08/18/2016]

Version 1.5.3 Lets you toggle full immersion mode in the Options; note that Alite needs to be restarted for the changes to take effect. [08/05/2016]

Version 1.5.2 Fixes a bug in the full immersion mode and recenters the screen again. Only available on the PlayStore. [08/02/2016]

Version 1.5.1 Gives you full immersion mode, which means nothing on most devices, but will hide the annoying lights of the navigation bar on some tablets. Only available on the PlayStore. [07/30/2016]

Version 1.5.0 Has a new legal system: Vipers won't attack the player in unsafer systems. Fixed a corrupt texture and improved the commander save routines. [05/08/2016]

Version 1.4.8 Brings back the old accelerometer control in addition to the new one, as the new one has problems on some devices (for example the Nexus 10). Also, in 1.4.8 we finally have a difficulty level, so that you can reduce the number of enemies if the game is too hard in the beginning. [04/03/2016]

Version 1.4.7 Works around a bug in Android 5.0 -- and some versions above ( Loading of small sound files is very slow, since this is a bug in Android, all Alite can do to reduce its effect is to put loading of sounds in the background. While on most Android versions, loading of all sounds takes about 2s, on "bad" versions, it takes up to 2 minutes. So, on Android 5, it can happen that there should be a sound but it isn't played until it is finally loaded. [03/13/2016]

Version 1.4.6 Really fixes the accelerometer control. It's now independent of the orientation. Also changed the radar color of cargo canisters. [03/03/2016]

Version 1.4.5 Tries to fix a problem with the accelerometer control: If you are playing lying down, the pitch will change in mid-movement. [02/28/2016]

Version 1.4.4 Contains the Mission #4 fix and repairs the typo introduced in 1.4.3. [02/12/2016]

Version 1.4.3 Was only available on the PlayStore and tried to fix a problem with Mission #4. Unfortunately, it contained a typo, which made the game completely unplayable (it crashed after starting). [02/11/2016]

Version 1.4.2 Comes with an improved "Medium Speed" Docking Computer. The algorithm now correctly evades other ships (and the space station), without crashing into them. Another bug regarding pausing the game when explosions were visible, was fixed. [02/07/2016]

Version 1.4.1 Various Bugfixes: Corrupt image replaced, Planet Info in WitchSpace enabled, Asteroid course randomized, tutorials now work if the legal status is not clean. Medium Speed Docking Computer added. [01/23/2016]

Version 1.4.0 TimeWarp feature, changes in the legal system, volume control is improved, vibration effect. [01/10/2016]

Version 1.3.4b Mainly corrects the PlayStore version, as I accidentally left an experimental background in, which wasn't part of the OBB. [12/22/2015]

Version 1.3.4 Fixes a bug in the Galaxy and Local Screens. The background was not cleared correctly on some devices. [12/21/2015]

Version 1.3.3 Fixes a bug in the "Trading" and "Basic Flying" tutorials introduced in version 1.3.0. [12/15/2015]

Version 1.3.2 Fixes a bug in the Equipment screen: If you had turned off animations (via Options/Display Options), the game would crash. [12/12/2015]

Version 1.3.1 Introduces the display of expected gain (or loss) from a trade and the "flat button layout" (detailed here: For screens larger than 1920x1080, library and disk screens now work, too. You can set the laser firing to single shot and can still change speed while firing. Some sound effects have been fixed (most notably, the torus drive sound stops playing when entering hyperspace). [12/06/2015]

Version 1.3.0 Lets you invert the controls and fixes a small overlay bug in the Cursor keys. [12/01/2015]

Version 1.2.1 Turns the cheat mode back off :). Ooops... I left it in acidentally in version 1.2.0. [10/28/2015]

Version 1.2.0 Finally fixes the vanishing objects bug and works on Nexus 9/10 devices. [10/25/2015]

Version 1.1.2 Boomslang rename was buggy. Now the Bushmaster is really called Harken". First Source code release. [09/12/2015]

Version 1.1.1 The application doesn't crash anymore when its state is restored (bug introduced with version 1.1). Lasers now correctly vanish when they hit an object. Button images in the ShipIntroScreen are scaled again (another bug introduced with version 1.1). [09/06/2015]

Version 1.1 Comes with Chris Huelsbeck's rendition of the Blue Danube. Two ships have been renamed to "Harken" and "Lancehead", respectively. [08/30/2015]

Version 1.0 First release of Alite. [08/05/2015]