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The current version of Alite (1.5.8) fixes the "endless spinning Cobra" bug, which would leave the game in an unplayable state. It also makes sure that _all_ items are correctly persisted (before, if you equipped fuel or missiles and exited the game directly afterwards by pressing home or lock, the items would be gone). Moreover, the current version allows you to find planets in all official 8 galaxies, not just in the galaxy you are in.

You can download Alite 1.5.8 from the Google Playstore using this link:

If the version provided on the PlayStore does not work on your phone or you experience random crashes (which, essentially is the same as not working :)), you might try the alternative version provided here. (For the technically interested: The version in the PlayStore must not exceed 50 MB; Alite, however, is ~400MB large and the remaining program files have to be stored in an "expansion file". These expansion files cause problems on several devices, so I provide an alternative download on this website, which is equal to the PlayStore version but puts everything into one single file).

The complete source of Alite can be found on github:

Have fun with Alite! -- And please do drop me a line if you enjoyed the game, or found any bugs, or if you are missing a feature, or....

Chris Huelsbeck and me at the celebration of Chris' project "The Piano Collection" in Cologne, 08/04/2015, just a day before Alite's first release; actually: I released Alite after I came home that night...