Alite 1.4.0 comes with big changes

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Hi everyone,

I have just uploaded Alite 1.4.0 and I am very happy to announce that this is the first version of Alite, which I have not programmed all on my own: Steven Phillips has contributed to the game by implementing the "TimeWarp" feature, which rids us all of the annoying travel to the space station! If you cannot activate the torus drive, because friendly traders are around, you can now activate the time warp, which lets you travel at 10 times the normal speed -- or at least, it looks that way. In truth, the TimeWarp engine puts the pilot of a Cobra in a light form of stasis, so your mind operates much slower than usual. The computer compensates for the slow reaction, so that you can still normally control your Cobra while approaching the station much faster than before... As soon as enemies arrive, the TimeWarp is automatically turned off, and moreover: If you're traveling at full speed and all ships in the vicinity are gone, the TimeWarp automatically engages the torus drive...

Another change in Alite 1.4.0 is the legal system: It is no longer a problem to scoop up contraband goods. If you scoop up a contraband good and sell it, you _will_ be punished. But you can choose to eject the good by going to your inventory screen while in flight and tapping the item you wish to eject twice. Note that you need to have a fuel scoop installed to use this feature.

Other than that, reports have been coming in from players who lost their savegames, after a crash of Alite. A general word of advice: As much as I'd like Alite to be bug free -- it just isn't! (Sorry!!) But, thanks to your reports, we're getting better... Still: Please do save your commander in a new slot (i.e. not an "autosave" slot). Thus, it should never be overwritten. Once you have saved your commander in a new slot, you can use that slot to overwrite it manually, whenever you want (and you should do often; say after each successful docking, just to be safe). But I _did_ change the autosave behavior in Alite 1.4.0, so now the autosaves _should_ not be overwritten anymore (I hope).

Some other, minor fixes, have been included, too: If you lost your docking computer while it was active, it wasn't deactivated, and I found a couple of typos in the library. Steven has also fixed the clipping in the highlighted buttons, so they look a lot cleaner now.

The new version is available from the PlayStore at and the All-In-One solution is available here.

Have fun!!