Alite 1.4.1 released

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We fixed some bugs in Alite 1.4.1. Since there was a corrupt image in the expansion pack file, we had to provide another update for that one, too (which increases the upload size from 1.0 MB to ~400 MB... Bugger). Along with the broken image, we fixed the Planet Information screen during witch space: If you tried to access it previously, it measured a distance between "null" and the nearest star systems. Oooups :). Fixed now, the current Cobra position is now taken into account.

The most interesting feature in Alite 1.4.1 is the "medium speed" docking computer. If you're clean and you would like to actually see how the docking computer docks your Cobra, but would still not like to waste too much time, the docking computer will now land with enabled time warp. Quite a sight, so give it a whirl...