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I cannot dock to save my life, I never had this much trouble on the spectrum. Someone please help.....

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Docking Help

Hi Frostman,

there are a couple of things you could try:

Follow a ship flying from the station. Stay behind it for a while, then cut your engines and turn around. The docking bay should be right in front of you.

Do the Hud, basic flying, and advanced flying tutorials, they show you how to dock.

Check out the videos in the media section of this site. They show, how to dock, too.

Finally, you could use one of the cheats mentioned by Quelo, to equip your Cobra with a Docking Computer.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks, and let me say I am

Thanks, and let me say I am so happy to see this game on Android. I did the tutorial, my only comment would be in the tutorial you fly out of a station and just have to turn round. That's very different to flying into a system and having to approach from the other side. But I will try your other suggestions.

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In the "Advanced Flying"

In the "Advanced Flying" tutorial, you'll have to dock on your own (approaching from space), and in the "Basic Flying" tutorial, you'll have the additional help of a docking buoy... This makes it easier, yes, but the difficulty gradually increases...

Where is the Quelo thread?

Where is the Quelo thread?

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Here's the thread: -- my bad: I confused the nick names, sorry...

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How strange, other than

How strange, other than Oolite (which has landing lights) I have found Alite the easiest to dock!
It could be your control method. If using accelerometer option I can see it being rather hard. However touch controls instead work great.

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I have also found Alite

I have also found Alite easier to dock especially using the acceleration monitor on the tablet.Best conversion to date and particularly  like playing it on the move (train etc)Wish I could get a bigger cargo dock for the cobra :)  


Using a tablet find it very difficult to adjust speed without tilting device also the less square type space station throws me off trying to get right alignment.Ex c64 player found it a bit easier then (allways an anoyance docking).Item ideas...1.... A cheep projected docking bouy that would bring u to a halt (like the tuturial one)making aproach to docking more strait forward).2... An additional indestructerble more expensive docking computer (maybe a cybernectic implant).