Another update -- TWO updates, actually

Error message

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Yesterday, I received a bug report telling me about an exception, which occurs after receiving mission number 4. I fixed the bug and released version 1.4.3 (OBB) to the PlayStore immediately. I _have_ tested it before putting it to the store, but during the testing process, I circumvent the expansion file download, which in this case proved to be fatal: I had mistakenly increased the expansion file version number, although the expansion file wasn't updated... The consequence? Alite wouldn't work anymore... *Ouch*.

So today, I provided version 1.4.4, which is already in the PlayStore. It fixes the mission 4 bug, _and_ the wrong expansion file number (yes, I have tested it this time :)).

Version 1.4.4 is also available from this site as all-in-one solution. Just use this link here. (In case you are wondering: Version 1.4.3 is _not_ available as single file version -- that wouldn't make sense).