My wishlist: VR support and score board.

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My wishlist: VR support and score board.

Hi all,I had a mail exchange on this with Philipp already when I had trouble getting into the forum, but for completeness and discussion I wanted to post this here as well.Two items on my wishlist for Alite:1- VR glasses support. It would be great to be able to play Alite on those cardboard derivative devices, with a game pad as control and full 360 view arround you. Imagine no more pressing the radar screen to look behind you! :-) I 3D-printed one myself and playing the available games is great. But I am still lacking the ultimate space game on it.2 - Score board. I read the discussion about multi player support and agree that it might not add much. but a simple online -score board on the planet to see where you stand wrt other players of Alite might be nice.Regards, Bert 

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Score Board

You know, a score board is a really cool idea...

I was just investigating an interesting bug (I think I found it, but I can't test, yet, as my son had currently occupied my phone ;)) and thought to myself: Well, ok, I can quickly look at that score board issue... "Quickly" is not going to cut it, though. I could use the easy way out and just use Google Play Services for Alite. But that would mean that an annoying "Register with google play" dialog pops up, everytime you start up Alite. I don't want that.

So. I'm left to implementing my own score board on this web site. I can code up a score board easily enough. Now, I need an option in Alite, which allows for uploading a score to the scoreboard. If I don't want any cheaters, I have to use some form of data encyrption on the client side and some form of decryption on the server side. And I have to make sure that subsequent contributions to the score board leave the order of the board intact. So I have to code the sorting method on the server...

In short: This'll take more than five minutes :). But it's a good idea... Like it. Will do. Will look into it.