Alite 1.4.5 fixes sudden direction changes

Error message

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Alite players occasionally complained about sudden direction changes when using accelerometer controls. I always thought it had to do with the orientation guessing system of Alite: You can either play it in landscape or reverse landscape mode. You can thus pick the orientation that best works for your phone jack position. However, this was only a part of the problem.

I wouldn't have been able to resolve the issue, had I not gotten an error report which complained about not being able to play the game _while lying in bed_! That made me curious. So I held the device flat above my head and much to my horror, I suddenly experienced sudden direction changes. As usual, once a test has been found, the reason for the error was quickly found and corrected, so thanks to Nik for reporting this :).

The update should be available momentarily on the PlayStore and if you need the single file solution, you can download it here.

One more thing: At least one Commander has found the famed planet Raxxla in Alite. :) So, if you haven't, you should keep on looking for it. (Yes, it really _does_ exist in the game)