Mission 5

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Mission 5

Iam having trouble with this mission even with retrospective and clocking can't get near the station any help will do

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Mission 5


sorry, just noticed your post...

Yeah, mission 5 is --- difficult. In hindsight, I might have chosen to not spawn as many Thargoids :). Then again: It's the final mission (for now ;)) and I wanted it to be difficult; I found it far too easy on the Amiga...

But it is possible....

What to do:

1. Approach the station as fast as you can (ok; that's the obvious bit). But be sure to have already picked a hyperspace target to jump out of the system immediately after the destruction of the station.

2. If you're attacked by a single Thargoid, finish him off, first (but be quick about it).

3. If you're seing the Thargoids around the station: Cloak, and fire at the station; if you can identify it in your crosshairs, you can fire at it; you don't have to enter the safe zone (and you won't make it if you try...).

4. As soon as you have destroyed the station, the Thargoids will keep firing at you, so jump out quickly! You may need to uncloak, because your energy drain is too much...

Hope that helps!

Mission 5

At first sorry for my bad englisch.I found a way to complete the Mission without retrospective and clocking.After jumping in the system search the station and full speed. Now use the torus drive. Thats verry important. Use it for 1 second only. Tab again to stop the torus drive.After that use it again for max 1 second. and so on. So it is possible to reach the station without enemy contact before. Fire on the station. During the colling down phase of the laser select your next system to jump. You will need max 2 full Laser salves. I you do so.the first enemy contact is after destroying the station.I tryed it several times and it always worked.Good luck Commander