Stuck on Game Over

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Stuck on Game Over

This is probably more a user error rather than a bug, new brain may sort it out, or perhaps a new user.
I got to Deadly after 2 missions, got destroyed (again) the Game over screen appeared and stayed there
with background stars moving slightly and the occasional ship passing thru. No amount of stopping programme
Restarting or on/off seems to help.
It must be said that the last update arrived while being blown up, possibly causing the problem

I have had occasional (unconnected) crashes previously - all saved to crash files

Please please HELP! I really don't want to start again
I'm using Samsung S4 mini GT-I9195 Android 4.4.2

Regardless, I must congratulate you for reproducing this formidable
game that I first played on my BBC B with tape then disk, 35 years later
on a phone smaller than my original joystick
And it's free. WOW
Hope you get plenty of praise and donations


Stuck on Game Over


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first: Sorry for the late reply... I was traveling.

second: Sorry about the problem. It has been reported by uses before, but I just can't reproduce this issue on my device :(. I have tried to fix it, but -- apparently -- I haven't been succesful.

But: Do not despair. There _is_ a work-around (and it has been described here before). If you connect your phone to your computer, you can browse to <phone>/Android/data/

There, you'll find a file called "current_state.dat".

Delete it, restart the game, and you'll be a happy camper.

NOTE: This will _NOT_ (!) delete your pilot; it will only delete your _current state_. You can still go to Disk/Load and reload one of the autosaves, your pilot will be among them.

(Still: It _is_ a good idea to occasionally go to Disk/Save and tap "Save New Commander"; so that you have at least one save slot in addition to the autosaves; just in case...)

If this doesn't help, I can recreate your commander for you...

As for the crashes: If you send them to me (<phone>/android/data/, I'll have a look and try to fix as many as possible :)

Cheers! -- And thanks for your feedback. It's great to get those responses!!