Thargons and Escape Pods

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Thargons and Escape Pods

I find it hard to see the thargons unless I'm right on top of them, I wondered if it would be possible for you to make them easierto see at a distance. Also in the original elite, pirates used to use their escape pods when their ships were damaged, which affected your status if you destroyed them. Do you have this in Alite, if not could you incorporate it in a future update.

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Visibility issues/Escape pods


you can enhance the visibility by using the target boxes (Options/Display Options), but yes: These small ships are extremely hard to see. It was easier in the Amiga version, as they were simply represented by a greyish circle in the distance. The fully textured objects were a problem for me, too, when I first played Oolite. By now, I'm used to them.
But I might possibly find a brighter texture for the Thargons.

Escape pods: Yes, pirates use them. From the top of my head, I think that killing escape pods does not affect your legal status. I have to double check, though. I'm pretty sure, though, that I modeled the behavior just as in the Amiga version (unless I missed something).
It's appealing to have killing escape pods render you Offender or Fugitive, though. Good idea.