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Legal Status

I've just recently began playing Alite, and am loving the feel of Elite, but on mobile.  I do have one question, though, with something that I encountered when I accidentially purchased two tons of slaves from a space station.  I've checked through the library in-game, and I have not found anything showing how to lower one's legal status to clean after being marked an offender or higher.  I'd very much appriciate the help on this, and thought it should be brought up.  As a sidenote, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong forum for this kind of problem, I may just be inept as I just joined.  Thanks in advance.

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I remember from the older

I remember from the older versions of Elite, a Galactic Hyperspace jump or using your escape pod cleared the status immediately, but otherwise it just cleared over time provided you kept your nose clean. Not tested these theories in Alite though.

Right on Commander!

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Getting Clean again

Well, some of the information is hidden in the library: A pilot's legal status is bound to his ship.

So, if you use an Escape Pod, you'll end up with a clean legal status again -- at the expense of one escape pod, of course.

An intergalatic hyperjump will, just as a normal hyperspace jump, "decrease" your legal status (i.e. get it closer to clean again), but depending on your crime, it may take a lot of jumps before you are clean again.

Let's put it this way: If you destroyed a lot of friendly ships, fired at different stations, traded in all kinds of illegal goods -- in short: If you have been the worst possible criminal out there, it will take you 10 jumps (without any criminal activity) to become clean again.

Hope this helps :)