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Hi Mr. Philipp, nice work with the game. It's awesome! I have a minor complain though.
About the touch controls, is it only roll and pitch? No left and right turn? Are those the only way you can steer? I've never played the original Elite, but I've heard a lot about it, that's why I downloaded it from Google play store. The accelerometer doesn't work for my phone, the revise accelerometer is too sensitive (and I'm not a very good player when it comes to accelerometers too).
Is there anyway I can go about it?

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Roll, Pitch

Hi Tolu,

the original Elite indeed comes only with roll and pitch. There is no yaw control. For Alite, I have had some requests to include yaw, but so far, there is no possibilty. The main question here is how to implement it. I could provide an additional slider below the roll/pitch indicators, but that's not too cool...

One thing you could try is this: Select the accelerometer control (the one that doesn't work for your phone). Quit the game and reset your phone. Now try again: Does the accelerometer control work now?! Of course that doesn't really solve your problem...

So in short: There's no yaw (yet)... But I'll keep on working on it.

Okay. Please do I can't wait

Okay. Please do I can't wait to start 'yawing'.
Thanks in advance :)