New ship models that could interest you

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New ship models that could interest you

Hi Philip,Just stumbled across your game yesterday and would like to say that I am really impressed by it.I have 34 ship models I created from the Elite universe that I want to share with you. Maybe we could work together to add the ships to your game.screenshots as they show up in Oolite:These are low poly models.I also have (3) more detailed ships - A Cobra Mk III, a Sidewinder and an Adder. The first two can be seen in these videos:Cobra MK III ships from the low poly pack can be downloaded here and opened with any 3d software that supports the .obj formatLink is here: is appreciated.RegardsStevePS how do you enable rich text with screenshots for posts instead of in the editor of the forum ? 

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if you could send me your oxp (or link to a download site), I could quickly check how the ships would look in Alite...

Also note: Alite does not make use of shaders. So, if you use shaders in your ships, I can't use them... I need plain old textures on faces :)


You can change the "Text Format" setting (below the forum editor window) to "full html", so that you can at least see the linebreaks; I do not allow images in the forum, though -- too many spammers... Sorry :(