docking problems

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docking problems

Docking with the aid of a docking computer, i hit ships coming out. This shouldn't happen, a docking computer would stop you going in. Also the space stations are too small. Supposed to hold 2000 ships?  I suppose it all depends on do you want a clone of the original game or do you want to improve it. Think I'll end up playing elite dangerous, after all things have moved on in 30 years

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in Alite 1.5.0, I've made a small change to the distance threshold for leaving ships, so collisions should not appear anymore (or at least not as frequently).

I thought about the size of the stations, too -- and in Alite, you cannot even let a Python fly from a station, as it is too large for the docking bay. In the end, however, I decided to leave the ships as big as they are (or the station as small as it is), indeed, to be closer to the original gameplay feeling. I like those "off-beat" tidbits, they add to the character of the game; of course, I never set out to copy anything as impressive as E:D -- nor would I ever pretend I could. Alite was a great learning experience, but I'm well aware that there are far more complex (and more polished) games out there...


same problem

Since entering 2nd galaxcy has happened 5 out of 6 times mostly shuttles. So far no serious damage or crimanal record. Version b4 most recent update. May try switching dc off and on in future think it automaticly stops ship dead in space. 

More docking stations

Different sizes of the space stations would be a nice thing:
some (maybe most) very small (only a few residents), only about 100 metres and maybe only 1 ship can dock.
Others huge like the deathstar in star wars, indead holding 2000 ships.

And how about more then 1 docking stations? Maybe in the small stations, entering from the planet-side, but launching at the other side.

Also very big stations should have a lot of more docking stations.
One idea of realization, have an externam modul (connected in the center) which rotates the same speed but in other direction like the station.
So from outside this one is like standing still. To get the ship inside, there should be something like a floodgate.
I could make a drawing, if wished. ;-)