Thargon allies

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Thargon allies

Would it be possible to take captured thargons, reprogram them somehow and use them as your own army at a given command. Just an idea...
Love the game now and first fell in love with it about 30 years ago. Thanks for making an app I can take with me anywhere.

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Well, this isn't currently on my (extensive) list of planned additions and time is a very limiting factor. First, I'd like to do a 'consolidation' update and fix those annoying bugs... So, it might take some time to get to your idea, but if you are a coder (or know one), grab the code and add to it :)

This idea was realized in one

This idea was realized in one version of Elite for ZX Spectrum (don`t remember what wersion it was, may be "Elite 128"). There was a mission for "Alien computer". It was dropped from destoyed Thargoid ship in hyperspace. After you got it, you can launch previously captured thargons from cargo bay to assist you in battle. That`s all I`m remember about that mission.