Alite 1.5.4: Accelerometer Issues FINALLY fixed!

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Alite 1.5.4 finally fixed the dreaded "no response" bug in the accelerometer controls: After resuming Alite, the accelerometer controls were frequently jammed and wouldn't react anymore. No more. Now the controls finally are reliable. The reason for the bug was that I did not unregister the sensor listener, so after resuming a game, Alite would actually have _two_ (or more) accelerometer listeners, but sensor data would only be sent to the old one... Phew... This one was really getting on my nerves :)

Moreover, some devices couldn't handle the music playback of Alite and simply crashed before the Ship Intro Screen could even be seen. This has also been fixed.

So, go download the latest version over at the PlayStore or download the All-In-One solution here.

For those of you wondering what happened to version 1.5.3: Alite 1.5.3 was a maintenance update, which allows you to enable or disable "immersion mode" in the options. For most devices, the setting will change nothing at all. For some tablets, though, immersion will hide the navigation buttons on the tablet. So, if you are annoyed by the light, try setting immersion to "full" and restart Alite.

Good hunting, Commanders!