dogfight problems

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dogfight problems

Hi all, this is my first post on the forum here. I am puzzled when I encounter more than 2 opponents. I can kill 2 hostile ships with my beam laser but I don't know if it is possible to get out alive if attacked by 3 ships at the same time? I get fried pretty much instantly :)

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Dogfighting tips

Welcome to the forum :)

The basic strategy, which works for me, is to buy a beam (or better yet: military) laser at the rear location and then turn away from the enemies while flying at maximum speed.

Sometimes, when one or more of the attackers are easy kills (Sidewinders for example), kill them first with a front laser and only then turn around...


Hi Philipp, thanks for your

Hi Philipp, thanks for your reply and a huge thanks for making such good Elite game, I have gave it 5 stars on Playstore moments after I installed it because ever since I had Android phone, I searched for a good Elite port and finally found it in Alite :)
I will buy a military laser but I will mount it on the front, replacing my current Ingram beam laser. I find it hard to use rear laser with inverted controls, but I'll keep trying. I have started using missiles yesterday so I manage to kill three attackers sometimes :)
Cheers and thank you again for the game and your commitment regarding support.

I find that if I immediately

I find that if I immediately reduce my speed to zero (dead stop) I then have time to kill all three without having a single shot fired at me!And this is something I'd like to raise with Philipp. I don't paricularly like the ability to 'magically' detect hostile ships. More often than not when I turn to face them they aren't even attacking me but seem to be in disarray. So how does my ship know they are hostile? I know that the AI is something you have on your list of things to do, but I think this one is quite important as it adds (or takes away in this case) from the gameplay in my mind. I remember in the original Elite I would analyse the movement of certain groups of ships for suspicious activity and I could often tell when I was going to be attacked, but I never knew who was a threat until they actually started attacking me. Also there'd be more vipers around patrolling outer space and they would assist you if you were attacked. And of course you could find innocent traders being attacked who you could assist or ignore and leave to their fate. It created a much more believable environment than the current one in which only you get attacked. I also don't necessarily like the way ships seem to suddenly appear in your vicinity. I know they could have warped to that point, but since we can't specify exacly where we can warp to, we would expect all ships to 'arrive' at pretty much the same point we did. In the original Elite any ships would have to have flown in from outside your field of view so you'd always see them coming. I hope this is what you'll be addressing if/when you have time to tackle it.And having said all that I would nevertheless like to add that what you've done so far is awesome! Elite was my favourite game originally on my BBC Master (I'm showing my age here!) and then again on my Acorn Archimedes and RiscPC and I have been looking for a replica for my mobile devices for ages and you've really done an excellent job of porting it. It's the nostalgia that makes it extra wonderful for all of us and I love it.Thanks for making it. :-) 

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Different versions

As you may or may not know: Alite is pretty much modeled after the Amiga version of Elite.

One thing I always liked about the Amiga version was that I knew instantly if the attackers were attackers or friendly traders. The mechanics work just as in Alite (or rather the other way around, Alite works just like the Amiga version): Enemies suddenly appear at some distance to your ship; the number of encounters is determined by the system government type and Vipers only exist around stations.

While this is currently implemented like that, it doesn't mean it has to stay this way. I _do_ like it, though :). What I do not like, and I agree with you here, is that the attackers will not immediately attack you but fly in seemingly random paths at first. The reason, btw, is simple: The AI tells them: Hey, you're too close, you're bound to crash, make some distance... (Yeah, not exactly the best of my algorithms :)).

Anyway: The AI improvement list is extensive; once there are "factions", we'll also have more variety, and once every ship can be used by pirates and traders, it won't be obvious who is who anymore (although I personally don't like that -- I have played the BBC and Spectrum versions, and I didn't like them very much).

Still, before the enemy AI can be tackled, I need to get rid of many more bugs in Alite... So, please don't hold your breath...


Seem to remember (c64) vipers would patrol within safe zone and out of it number and distance depending on system. And were aggresive dependent on situation.Also as a pirate if their were no witinesses u could get a way with it or keep a slightly stained record. Which was hard too do on this version due too difficulty of ship identification and the danger of stray fire resulting in a record.Sometimes depending on status vipers would launch on entering safe zone if as a fugitive and even close station doors (this last bit may have been down to stray fire hitting station).Currently prefer quick enemy identifcation and just look at as pirates patroling or laying in wait along predicted routes. An ai grps of three fanning out to aproach from different angles, prefer the more aggresive aproach myself and take the hits on shields.I know i can get rid of ilegal goods on anachy worlds and do a bounty hunter and sell of goods colected in those systems there. Is there any where i can find out more about piracy options (cause and effect) for this version?

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