Don't change Elite... I mean Alite!

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Don't change Elite... I mean Alite!

I see a lot of comments and requests to add things to Alite that were never in Elite. Things like the ability to purchase additional ships, land on the planets, additional weapons and tools, trading directly with other traders, and many more.Can I ask that we stick to Elite? The moment we start adding all these things it stops being 'Elite'. To be honest many of them really would fit in with the current Elite universe and gameplay - additional ship types or extra status levels - these wouldn't make any difference to the true Elite gameplay. But the moment you're allowed to purchase a different ship or land on planets or trade directly with other traders outside the docking station, is it still 'Elite'?Does anyone else feel the same way? :-)Thanks. 

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Well... Each of us has his (or her) own favorite thing about Elite and each of us probably has something they wish to change.

For me, additional ships are one of most intriguing features, and I'd love to add them to Alite, soon -- but it's hard to do, as I need the different models, the different cockpits, and the different flight behaviors. Then, the gameplay must be rebalanced, because you just won't be able to survive long in a Mamba out there. But if you look at E:D, or before that, at Oolite, buying ships definitely already is in Elite.

Practically the same is true for landing on planets (and take a look at Elite 2: Frontier, you could land on planets, then). It would be a cool addition. Question is: What to do there? It can't simply serve as an additional "docking bay", there must be some gameplay elements there that are different from before. But don't worry: Until I have time to code these things --- much time will certainly pass :)

Additional items: Well, I must say, I like some of the suggestions.... A yaw control -- why not; but it as an extra, and you can now yaw. An extra cooling unit to cool all lasers separately? Way to go... And I don't mind changing the trading system, either: Why do we have to have the same trading items everywhere? A bit more variety certainly wouldn't hurt...

Trading with other traders, on the other hand, might probably never happen in Alite. It's strictly single-player, so there might come a mission where you had to trade items with an NPC, but other than that: no.


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Where to draw the line?

The great thing about Alite is that at heart, it is the original Elite, enhanced for use on modern-day devices.If some of the more ambitious proposals were ever created, then the game might start to feel less like an enhanced Elite, and more like a cut-down No Man's Sky, for example.That would be a shame as the big draw to me is the nostalgia of being able to enjoy Elite all over again.Perhaps an enhanced Elite doesn't rule out piloting a Sidewinder (more manoeuvrability, less shielding),  or a Fer De Lance (faster, but for game balance can't hold a military laser), but when you get to things like landing on planets, isn't that then a completely different game?A lot of folks love the original Elite and that's the reason I installed Alite on my phone. I don't have any other space trading games on my phone, because they are not Elite. I think it would be a shame to lose that - in the long term of course :-)

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It already feels like Elite 1.5

New member, so first comment........ Thank you Philipp what an amazing game you have made. Personally I agree with you, it's been wonderful reliving my youth, but I'm not far from Elite ranking now and then I'll want something else to achieve. 

As the title says to me this game already feels like somewhere between Elite and Frontier: Elite 2, hence Elite 1.5. In terms of the game its a faithful reproduction of the original, graphically its more akin to Frontier.  

Some of the posts I've read about  the development of the game would seem to want to make the game more like Frontier. That's not a bad thing to me, personally I loved the sequel even more than the original (any hope of you one day porting that?). Features such as a greater selection of ships and weapons, planetary spaceports (surface and cavernous types), landing on uninhabited planets (where you could deploy mining rigs to collect at a later date) were all part of Frontier. 

Some of the other aspects of Frontier would also lend themselves to this game, and extend the longevity of the game. Things like the courier missions, passenger transport missions or military missions (indeed Frontier had 2 different military rankings to achieve as well as the Elite ranking) would all make good additions to Alite. 

I suppose the only limitation is the time to do all of this ☺